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An N95 Mask can protect you. Air quality in your work environment can change in an instant. Quickly adapt to unexpected breathing hazards with N95 face masks . Compactly designed to go wherever you go, these single-use, all-in-one N95 face masks can be easily thrown on to defend against 95 percent of non-oil-based airborne particles. Elastic straps adjust to every wearer for a secure fit that can smoothly transition from indoor to outdoor use. Efficiently crafted to provide nose and mouth coverage.

Angcard Saliva Self Testing Kit

Spittle and scan. That's all you have to do, and in less than 20 minutes, you can find out you are COVID positive or not or this can be done without leaving your home. By contrast, COVID-19 tests based on PCR technology require highly specialized equipment and can take roughly four hours for results. If a sample were to be tested for a specific variant using PCR technology, it would have to be genetically sequenced, which takes even more time and resources. Currently there are several at-home COVID-19 tests available in India but we introduce India's first Saliva based Self Testing Kits with ICMR Approval.

  • Product Name:   Angcard Covid-19 Antigen Saliva Self Test Kits
  • Units in Stock:  5 Lakhs
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  • Product Name Angcard Covid-19 Antigen Saliva Self Testing Kits
  • Method Saliva Based
  • Pack Size Angcard Pack of 1
  • Price 250/- Rs.

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